Elijah Costales is a multi-instrumentalist Singer/Songwriter, Fingerstyle Guitarist, and Producer hailing from Placitas, New Mexico. Known for his unique style of playing and entertaining performances, Elijah has been performing on-stage since 2010. Elijah started playing guitar at 12 years old, and has stuck with it ever since.


In 2009, Elijah saw a video of Fingerstyle Guitarist Andy McKee playing his original song “Drifting”, and everything changed. From that point on, Elijah’s musical direction shifted from electric to Fingerstyle Guitar, and all that it entailed. Influenced by Fingerstyle Guitarists such as Tommy Emmanuel, Craig D’Andrea, and Andy McKee, Elijah blends the old with the new, and creates a style of playing that is all his own.


In 2017, Elijah began to incorporate vocals into his music, opening a whole new world of musical opportunity. Intricate playing is mixed with original melodies, creating a sound that is completely unique. With colorful originals and arrangements, Elijah is constantly striving to produce and create original music and content that is engaging and has a story to tell.

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